Community Benefit services are those that help the member stay in his/her home or a community setting safely. Community Benefit services may be provided through Agency-Based Community Benefits (ABCB) or Self-Directed Community Benefits (SDCB).


If you choose to manage your community benefits and providers, your care coordinator can begin planning for you to move to SDCB when the time is right.


Centennial Care includes long-term services that may be provided in a member’s home, a residential setting, or in an institution, such as a nursing facility. To receive long-term care services, a member must meet certain criteria, and the services must be medically necessary. If a member meets the criteria, he/she is eligible to receive long-term services through the Community Benefit and/or nursing facility services.

Centennial Care Long-term care services


If you choose to get your Community Benefits through ABCB, your care coordinator will work with you, your family and your caregivers to decide which benefits and services will best meet your healthcare needs. You and your care coordinator will make a care plan that includes the services you want. The care plan will describe the services you want, how many services you need, and how and when to get them.



Personal Care Services are special benefits for long-term care members who receive Agency Based Community Services.  Personal Care Services help you stay in your home or in another community setting instead of going to a nursing home.